About Us

Spare a Thought for Dementia raises youth awareness of dementia and how it impacts communities. Founded by Dr. Kristine Newman at the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University, Spare a Thought for Dementia aims to inspire youth to become more involved in their communities and become advocates for persons living with dementia. The project consists of an online campaign that shares stories of lived experiences of youth who are care partners for persons with dementia, and an interactive in-school awareness program that educates, challenges, and inspires youth in high school and university to become more involved in the community.


Spare a Thought for Dementia envisions a world where youth are empowered to become care partners and advocates for persons living with dementia.


Our mission is to promote awareness and advocate for persons with dementia and their youth care partners by:

  • Providing resources and information that contributes to a better understanding of dementia;
  • Collaborating and including persons' with dementia voice;
  • Profiling experiences of youth as care partners of persons living with dementia;
  • Profiling intergenerational relationships between youth, care partners, and persons with dementia;
  • Encouraging youth to engage with local communities and become advocates;
  • Supporting local initiatives surrounding dementia care, and;
  • Engaging with organizations that contribute towards dementia awareness within the community.

Our goal is to develop partnerships with communities, schools, and other stakeholders to discuss needs, engagement opportunities, and ways to disseminate knowledge.


The Spare a Thought for Dementia Campaign is a project led by the Thoughts for Dementia Collaborative, consisting of researchers from Ryerson University, care partners, and advocates in the dementia community. The project is funded in part by Ryerson University and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

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