Thank you for Attending Our Virtual Community Event to Raise Awareness of Young Caregivers!

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More than 40 people attended our virtual community event including young caregivers, families, students, service providers, researchers, and community members! It was a day full of positivity and emotion. Our young caregiver stars and service provider star talked passionately about their experiences making the session incredibly informative and emotional for our attendees. We received incredible feedback about how moved many attendees were and they felt so very honoured to have heard our stars speak so genuinely about their experiences. What an incredible way to celebrate World Children's Day! The event was a complete success as part of our ongoing efforts to raise the public’s awareness of young caregivers and help in creating meaningful connections with healthcare providers to improve the lives of young caregivers and their families. Everyone learned that they can play a role in making our young caregivers less invisible!

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Young Caregivers Association (Niagara Region; St. Catharines, ON; Hagersville, ON):

Young Carers Program (Toronto):

The Ontario Caregiver Organization:



10:30-10:40 AM

Chat Moderator: Mary Anne Olalia (she/they) is a 4th-year undergraduate nursing student, and will be helping to monitor the chat. They are passionate in studying and researching collaboration and how to improve the patient experience in healthcare, stemming from her own experiences navigating the healthcare system. She is excited to learn alongside you today, and is happy to help with any questions, comments or concerns you might have to help make this session a safe space and a positive experience.

Tech support and informal greetings to participants


10:40-10:50 AM

Facilitator: Dr. Kristine Newman (she/her)

Land acknowledgement and welcome speech (videos about young caregivers)


10:50-11:35 AM

Facilitator: Chelsea Alex (she/her) has been working with children and youth, in some capacity for just over 10 years. She started working at her local Community Centre, running recreational and skill building workshops for kids and youth, and since then has been passionate about working with children and youth. She did her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Queen’s University. Since getting her undergraduate degree, Chelsea has worked as a Child and Youth Worker in various capacities and as a Community Support Worker for young adults with dual diagnosis. Chelsea has worked for Hospice Toronto as the Young Carers Program for just over 3 years and feels passionately about working with and raising awareness around Young Carers.

Two young caregivers will share their experiences with caring for a family member

One service provider who works with young caregivers will speak about the what it is like to work with young caregivers and how they provide support/guidance

Panel discussion with our stars


11:35-11:40 AM

Break (prepare star templates)


11:40-11:50 AM

Facilitator: Cayleigh Sexton (she/her) attended Brock University for Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education. She also completed a Master of Arts Degree at Brock for Child and Youth studies where she did completed a research study about young caregivers within a stress and coping model. She has been working with Young Caregivers Association since 2013 and currently am in the Director of Programs and Services role. She specializes in supporting siblings of children with Autism and has designed a program specific for siblings. She currently lives in Brantford, ON with her husband and their pets. In her spare time she also volunteers at a Cat Shelter in Delhi, ON.

Making wishes from young caregivers to healthcare providers. What would you like healthcare providers to know?

Wishes from healthcare providers. What would you like to know about young caregivers? What would make it easier for you to support young caregivers?

Wishes from other participants (i.e., students, service providers, students, community members): What would you like to know about young caregivers? What would make it easier for you to be an ally or advocate for young caregivers?

Template for stars:

Send your wishes to using the subject line “Wishes” and indicate your raffle ticket numbers.


11:50-12:00 PM

Facilitator: Mary Anne Olalia (she/her) and Dr. Kristine Newman (she/her)

Debrief, resources, games, prizes!

Evaluation survey (raffle prize for submitting)